Tips for New Clients and How to Schedule a Reading with Bill


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Find Your Birth Data

Pre-reading Preparation

1. Bill’s Time Availability
Bill’s calendar is generally booked about a week to ten days in advance. If you call within that time frame you should be able to set an appointment time that is more convenient for you. While it is occasionally possible to set an appointment with less advance notice, it is best to try to book a reading about a week to ten days in advance of your needed time. In the event of a pressing issue, Bill will try to accommodate you within a smaller timeframe, but cannot guarantee this.

Bill is generally available week days and weekends from 11:00am to 4:00pm PST. Bill travels a lot, so these available times will vary. Sometimes you will find it easier and quicker to reach Bill via his email address.

Due to his busy schedule it could take 3 or 4 days to get back to you via the telephone. If you do call and do not reach Bill immediately, then do try to leave a message via email. It might be faster.

2. Determine the right type of reading for you.
Review the Services and Fees section to determine the right reading for you. All readings are conducted by telephone.

3. First Time Clients
For those of you who have not had a reading before with Bill or are new to Vedic astrology, Bill recommends that your first reading be a basic natal reading. Bill will answer your specific questions as well, but this first reading also helps Bill to determine that you have the proper birth time.

4. Document the questions you want to ask or the area you want to focus on ahead of time
Bill recommends that you send an email a few days ahead (one day minimum) of your reading indicating the topic areas you want to discuss during the reading. Having thought out what you want to discuss will make the best use of your time and will help ensure that your questions get covered. If the reading involves another person, it will be good to supply their birth data as well.

5. Try your best to ensure that you are supplying Bill with accurate birth data.
Having the correct time, date, and place of birth is very important for a successful reading. If you are not sure of the time, but can get it validated via obtaining your birth certificate, checking your hospital records, or asking a family member, it will be better to schedule a reading after you have all the data in place. If you are very sure that you do not have your complete birth information and are unsure of that, then Bill can do a birth chart rectification

Tips for Finding Your Correct Birth Time

6. Paying for your reading
Credit cards are the preferred way to pay (Visa and Mastercard). Be sure your credit card balance is up-to-date. Checks are accepted but they must be received prior to the start of the reading. At this point, Bill does not accept PayPal.

7. Cancellation Policy
Bill understands that people’s schedules and priorities change for many different reasons. However, if you must cancel or reschedule any appointment (this includes gift readings), you must do so at least one day in advance of the time if your appointment. Your timely change gives Bill the ability to reassign your time to those who are on his waiting list for earlier appointments.

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Bill's Preparation Process

A successful Vedic Astrological reading is not a simple matter. It involves the analysis and synthesis of a large number of indications and probabilities. It is amazing when you think about the chart representing the potential characteristics and behavior of a person's life over time. Just some simple math will show you that there are many things to consider comprehensively and skillfully during a reading. There are nine Vedic planets, 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 houses, and 27 Nakshastras, or “Moon” signs. Just with that there are over 400 things to look at.

Experienced astrologers, such as Bill, also incorporate additional techniques from the vast repository of Vedic astrological resources. On certain occasions, Bill has offered what he calls a “Maharaja” reading, which parallels the in-depth readings that ancient astrologers would provide to the kings or Maharajas of ancient India. Such a reading, which Bill will rarely book, takes hours of upfront preparation and can take over 2 hours just to read. This is only provided to long term clients whom Bill feels would benefit from such a microscopic analysis.

Not only does the astrologer look at these birth chart indications from the rising sign, they are also considered from the Moon and often the Sun, with an additional consideration of an auxiliary chart called the Navamsa. There are also special planetary configurations called Yogas, that the competent astrologer will consider in the reading. On top of all this the astrologer needs to be sensitive and mindful of the age, gender, social and cultural context that both the astrologer and the client bring to the reading. To add to the magnificent richness of a Vedic astrology reading, is the introduction of another major element, and that is to take all the above and modify it accordingly to the particular period of a person’s life, with some forecasting of events seen in the dynamic indications in the chart. The chart is not just a static snapshot of a person, but a living, moving mirror of the person or event being examined. Special forecasting techniques are used, such as gochara, dashas, varshaphal and ashtakavarga.

Finally, most seasoned, and successful astrologers will attempt to lead a simple, healthy life and develop their consciousness with meditation, Vedic rituals, truthful living, kindness, focus, and the like. Experience and a desire to help you (and for you to be helped), is also a key to accurate readings. Many successful Vedic astrologers, such as Bill, can count the number of charts they have read in the thousands over the many years of their practice.

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On the Reading Day

1. Appointment Time and Phone Number
Bill will provide you with an appointment date and time to call him. He will also give you the phone number that you will call at that time. For those calling from outside the US, there are numerous calling plans that offer inexpensive rates to the US. You might also try to book your overseas reading on the weekends when rates are usually lower. For example, Bill books readings for Northern Europe (England, Ireland, Denmark, etc.) in the mornings on the weekends. Bill works from California and Pacific Standard Time.

2. Please be sure to call on time.
You will have about an hour with Bill. If you call late, this will consume part of that hour’s time for your reading. If you need to cancel or reschedule your reading, please try to do so at least 24 hours in advance. Bill has quite a waiting list for appointments, so the early cancellation or rescheduling of your reading will open up an opportunity for someone else to take that time slot.  

3. Try to be rested, fresh and unhurried for the time of your reading
Getting a Vedic astrology reading can be an enjoyable and enlightening experience. However, some busy people have attempted to conduct a reading over a cell phone while traveling, speaking from the corner of a noisy restaurant, a roadside telephone booth, an airline terminal or a busy friend’s house. A more relaxed and conducive reading atmosphere will bring you maximum benefits.  

4. Taking Notes and Recording
Bill will generally start your session by asking you if you want the session recorded for you. Bill does recommend, however, that you do take notes of important statements. Unfortunately, tapes can get lost or destroyed in the mail and Bill cannot place a guarantee against this. Bill will allow you to make your own tape of the reading if you want.

5. Validate the birth time
Next, Bill will generally validate the birth time you have given him. This ensures the chart was constructed correctly and that your birth time is as you presented it to him. If Bill does not ask this right away, it is OK to bring this with him yourself. Correct and complete birth time is very important  

6. Prioritizing your questions
Although you might have supplied questions ahead of time, Bill might ask you to prioritize which questions or topics you want to cover first. If you have no preference, Bill will read your chart as he sees in, incorporating answers to your questions as he goes through your chart with you. Bill might also ask you to state what outcomes you might expect from your reading. At times Bill might seem to be talking “off-subject” with you, but there is a purpose to all this and it contributes to a more robust reading.  

7. It is OK to ask questions as the reading progresses.
If you have a pertinent question during the course of the reading, it is OK to bring it up. Bill will not talk a lot of “astrologese” and will try to keep the conversation within familiar language and terms. If for some reason, you want a lot of Vedic astrology language used, Bill can adjust and speak to that—however, most people do not.

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1. Reading Summary
Bill will generally ask you to summarize what you heard at the end of the reading. This gives both you and Bill and opportunity to check that all was heard correctly.  

2. MP3 Recording
You will be emailed an MP3 recording of your session. Technical problems do occur, so be sure to take notes or record on your end. It will take up to a week to receive your recording.  

3. Mark your Calendars
After the reading, some clients will mark important dates on their calendars. Others will make an action plan with steps to take and dates to take them.  

4. Relistening to Your Tape
Many clients will re-listen to their MP3 recording after a few days or even weeks. It seems that listening again can refresh some important points for the client. Some people will even take their MP3 recording and have it transcribed. This is up to you.  

5. Remedial Measure Follow-Up
Vedic astrology provides a series of corrective actions that are aimed at reinforcing positive behaviors and diminishing negative tendencies. For clients wanting such advice, Bill will determine a course of action with Vedic remedial measures. It will be up to you to actually set up these actions, according to the options Bill will provide you. You will also be responsible for any financial arrangements required between you and the outside organization providing these services.

6. Feedback and Comments
Bill welcomes feedback on your consultation and would appreciate you sharing the results that come to you from the reading over time. You can send Bill an email anytime.

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How to Read a Vedic Chart

Sample Chart
The sample chart requires Adode Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this program, please click the button below to download it FREE.

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Future Readings & Follow-up

1. First Reading Follow Up
For those of you who are first time clients of Bill, he will allow a free email follow-up for the clarification of an important or pressing point. Your email will be answered according to Bill’s time availability, usually within a week or sooner. This follow up is not intended as a further conversation on your chart, but is intended to clear up one or two points that you feel is very important and needs clarification. This follow-up offer extends for one week following your reading.  

2. Future Services
After they have a reading with Bill, many people ask what other services are available or what would be the next best thing to do in regards to having a reading.  

People will often call back for another reading at a specific interval of time. For some this will be their birthday and/or the New Year. This is like getting a tune-up for the year. Some people call this type of “check-up” reading a “progression”, which is basically a forecast of indications for the coming year, or designated period of time. Others will call back as needed in regards to a specific life event that they need more information on, such as a job, house move, career change, a health or family issue, etc.

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Final Outcome - Taking Action

Bill would like to remind you that , during your reading, he will have identified many important concepts and actions steps for you to incorporate into your life.  

However, for things to be different in your life, you will have to do things differently. There is a saying that “if you want a new crop, plant new seeds.” Bill will show you where the seeds are and suggest how to plant them within time in the proper soil, but to get maximum benefit you have to plant those seeds yourself within the proper season and conditions as suggested by Bill. You will be shown the possibility of a new door opening, but you have to go up and open that door yourself.  

Good luck!!!!

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Bill Levacy safeguards the confidentiality of the client’s identity, birth details and the details of a reading. He further ensures that the information revealed in the horoscope of the client will not be shared with any other person or persons without that client’s permission (such as in a compatibility reading). If you want a reading in regards to another person, and that person is a client of Bill’s, then you must ask that other person to personally give their permission to Bill (in writing, fax or email) before a reading can be performed.

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